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A question every entrepreneur should ask:

Is SEO really important for your business?



of smartphone owners use a search engine at least once per day.


close rate

SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate compared to only 1.7% for outbound leads such as print advertisements.



72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles.

Your SEO Planning:
First things first


• Preparing a detailed SEO Strategy
• Basic Keyword Research and identification
• Competitors analysis and report
• Website Traffic Analysis

Tailored for you

Customized SEO Package

Please note that there are customized packages suitable for your business that may or may not include all of the listed activities in the coming sections.

After our brief session together we will tailor a package to your business which is compatible with your needs.

SEO Activities done for you

1. Speed Optimization

Minimize HTTP requests
Minify and combine files
Use async loading for CSS and JS files
Defer JavaScript loading
Minimize time to first byte
Reduce server response time
Choose the right hosting option
Run a compression audit
Prioritize above-the-fold content (lazy loading)
Reduce image sizes
Enable browser caching
Use a CDN
Reduce external scripts
Monitor your speed over time
Monitor mobile page speed
Enable compression

2. On-Page SEO

SERP Research
Keyword Research
Short, Descriptive URLs
Clean Title Tags
Meta Descriptions
Relevant, Longform Content
Modifiers in Titles and Keywords
Use Multimedia
Video Optimization
Image Alt Tags & Descriptions
Add Internal Links
Schema Markup
Answer Common Questions and Include FAQs
User Reviews
Mobile-First Indexing

3. Off-Page SEO

Internal Linking Strategy
Backlink Strategy
Consistent, High Quality Content
Show-off as a Leader in Your Niche
Quotes, Interviews, Etc.
Strong Social Media Presence
Connect With Influencers
Interact on Forums and Blogs
Outreach Campaigns
Guest Blog
Use Videos
Monitor Roundup Posts
Monitoring Your Backlinks
Build Relationships
Reach out to the Media
Focus on Unique Content
Create Images
Create How-to Guides
Online Events and Giveaways
Write Testimonials

Paid Campaigns Strategy (SEM/PPC)

Campaign Overview

Paid Search is a powerful way to get your listings up almost immediately and to have the most prominence on the search results page. With Paid Search, you can address multiple objectives. While other campaigns do not provide the same advantages:

Bid Management

Ad Placement and Targeting Adjustments

Geo-targeting Improvements

Keyword Management

Ad Copy Optimization and Testing

Landing Page Performance Review

Cost and Performance Analysis

Check In Calls/Meetings

Monitoring your campaign

When it comes to monitoring your paid search campaigns, we will provide the following services in effort to maximize your ROI:

Because search engines continuously change their algorithms and competitors invest in optimizing their websites, it is important to monitor search engine rankings, analyze site traffic and make changes to the campaigns managed by us in order to ensure a high ranking in search engines.

Why us for your SEO?

Because we live SEO and we deliver results.

Your website doesn’t just need more traffic, it needs more paying customers. We understand that, so we continue to optimize our SEO campaigns well after they’re launched. Because we always keep your return on investment in mind, we are the best choice to launch and manage your SEO campaign. Here are some of the strengths we’ll bring to the table as we help you attract more visitors and convert them into customers.

We bring you more traffic and help convert it into sales

All the traffic in the world won’t do you any good if your website doesn’t create customers instead of momentary click-throughs. That’s why we streamline your sales flow, leading your search engine traffic into a sales funnel that turns them into paying customers.

We Solve Real Problems

From plotting customer touch-points to building mobile marketing strategies, we’re a multi-talented digital marketing agency that helps you keep your finger on the digital pulse.


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